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Relaxing Activities in Bonaire

Bonaire is a beautiful Caribbean destination. Our beaches may not be the long sandy ones you might envision when you think of an island in paradise, but they are absolutely worthwhile - especially when you know the best spots to visit.

Our beaches have lovely, clear water and—some say—the best diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean. With that said, we don’t have the typical kind of long, white, sandy beaches: as our island is surrounded by reefs, rubble often comes ashore. This makes beaches in Bonaire rocky, yet intimate and clean—and very worthwhile, if you’re looking for privacy!

Bonaire has four public beaches where chairs can be rented and bars with drinks and food are nearby. They are: Spice Beach, Plaza Resort, Harbour Village (which requires an entrance fee), and places in Sorobon (Jibe City, the Windsurf Place and Sorobon Beach Resort). Several of these locations are located around Lac Bay, where some of our own oceanfront villas can be found. One final tip: be careful when going into the water barefoot—coral chunks can be sharp, and sea urchins like to hide in crevices, where it’s easy to step on them by accident. But with an eye for safety, and perhaps some sturdy swim shoes, you can easily make an afternoon on the beach a memorable part of your next Bonaire vacation!