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Bonaire's Mangrove Forest

Bonaire Outdoor Activities

Calm waters and mild winds make Bonaire a great location for a kayaking trip. Bonaire’s Mangrove Information Center, located off of Lac Bay on Bonaire’s western coastline, is a great place to go on a kayaking adventure. Their “sit on top” kayaks are easy for beginners to handle and their guided tours make the trip especially enjoyable and educational.

During your trip you’ll see and learn plenty about Bonaire’s mangrove forest. Mangroves are special trees notable for growing in soil soaked with saltwater, an environment that is not inhabitable for most plants. Mangroves, with special adaptations like the ability to filter salt and make their own freshwater, roots that intake air above the soil and leaves that can secrete excess salt, resulting in salt crystals on their leaves, are made to survive in areas like this. Bonaire is lucky to have them, as they are environmentally fragile but can contribute to reducing damage from natural disasters like tsunamis.


You might also see other wildlife like flamingos, sea turtles, lobsters and young sea horses and rays, all visible through Bonaire’s famously clear water. The standard length for a kayak tour is two hours; trips on the center’s solar-powered boat are also available.