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Klein Bonaire Islet

Attractions in the Caribbean

Looking for Bonaire attractions? Upon looking at a map of Bonaire, you may notice a small island in the center of Bonaire’s curve, looking almost close enough to touch Bonaire’s main land. This is Klein Bonaire, one of the only undeveloped and well preserved islets of its size in the Caribbean.

Klein Bonaire is protected by Bonaire National Marine Park, which means that there are some spectacular coral reefs and a huge variety of marine life that goes with them. Water taxis are available for hire; they can take you to No Name Beach, a particularly notable snorkeling spot which has a gentle current that can pull you along the line of the shore. Shallow areas, coral walls and deep blue depths can all be found here.

Map of Klein Bonaire

Trips to Klein Bonaire without getting in the water can also be found: a sunset cruise around the length of the island would be a great way to end a day here. Klein Bonaire is only half a mile from shore, or about 20 minutes by boat. Even if you don’t take a trip out to see it, you’ll be sure to want to look out for it from shore. Because of its singular flat size, all of Klein Bonaire can be seen and photographed from some points on the main island.