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Regardless of age or skill level, Bonaire snorkeling allows anyone to get immersed in the magic of the Caribbean. You don’t have to be a scuba diver to experience the natural beauties of the ocean first-hand. Up to half of all our guests take part in this thrilling activity and come away with a truly remarkable Caribbean experience.

Since all our Bonaire vacation rentals are on or near the ocean, you can start viewing what’s beneath the waves almost as soon as you arrive. Because salt water is denser than fresh water, you’ll quickly find that you can float higher and easier on the water here than in pools or lakes at home—a better snorkeling experience awaits!

Woman snorkeling underwater

Guided tours are available to any guests who wish to engage with the underwater world of the Caribbean. The exotic reefs of Bonaire provide one of the best places to see the diverse wildlife that the area is world-renowned for. 

Renee’s Snorkeling Trips  provides private snorkeling guidance to some of the most scenic sites the beautiful reef has to offer. Past guests have had professional quality photography opportunities and have snapped stunning images of sea turtles, pufferfish, squid, spotted eagle rays, and several different species of octopus.

Another option is to set sail onboard the legendary glass bottomed Aquaspace or the impressive 37-foot Woodwind  sailboats for an adventure filled maritime experience.  Both crews have unmatched knowledge and experience and provide guided snorkeling tours to the most phenomenal locations in Bonaire.