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Washington Slagbaii National Park

Unique Bonaire Activities

Don’t miss a trip to Washington Slagbaii National Park while lodging in Bonaire - it contains almost 20% of Bonaire’s land and some great activities to do.

The first of these activities is car touring. There are two car routes you can take: a long, scenic 20 mile route and a shorter one at 15 miles. On either route you will see rock formations, local birds and pools and—for the longer route, which extends out to the coast—beaches, lighthouse ruins and historic buildings. The park recommends using a car more rugged than a standard passenger model for these trails.

Aerial view of Washington Slagbaii National Park

If you don’t have access to that kind of vehicle, hiking is another option: Kasikunda Climbing Trail is a difficult challenge that begins at the visitor’s center and climbs up the side of a volcanic hill to a beautiful view of North Bonaire. This climb’s steepness and uneven terrain may be too much for some; in that case, the Lagadishi Walking Trail, which also begins at the visitor’s center, can take you on a longer but gentler trip through the park’s many different features. The park also includes and has a trail up Brandaris, to the highest point in Bonaire.

Other activities, such as snorkeling, swimming, scuba diving, nature study and bird watching, can also be found at the park.

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