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Windsurfing at Lac Bay

Outdoor Bonaire Activities

Looking for Bonaire lodging located near Lac Bay? If you’d like to go windsurfing during your stay, Lac Bay is Bonaire’s best place to go and has everything you could hope for: favorable winds, a great beach to start out from and even a fairly shallow surface, all within the protective confines of the surrounding bay.

To explain in more detail, Lac Bay was named the 'best place for beginners to learn to windsurf' by Windsurfing Magazine in 2002, because of its warm waters, absence of obstructions and steady level of wind that blows directly onto shore—if you lose control, you won’t have to worry about losing contact with the shore.

Man windsurfing in the ocean

While the bay is great for beginners, beyond its reach is the open ocean, a much more challenging terrain. Caution is advised here, but during days with small to medium amounts of wind, advanced windsurfers can have a great time.

For the equipment you’ll need, the stores Bonaire Windsurfing and Jibe City are both close by. Bonaire Windsurfing offers lessons to anyone willing to put their best foot forward—including children ages 5 and up—while Jibe City’s Hang-Out Beach Bar makes a great place to stop by after a long lesson. Both locations are small and have dedicated staff members.