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Services in Bonaire

Do you want to have your vacation rental in Bonaire stocked before you arrive? Our island has a Personal Shopper Service to provide you with all you need for your vacation: Groceries, liquor, wine, beer, and even gifts if needed.

Please note that the Personal Shopper Service can get almost anything on Bonaire, but items may not be your usual brand. Non-alcoholic beer is also available, as well as some dark beers from Belgium. All hard liquors are available in brand names, and there is an excellent selection of wines on the island. Soft drinks are available in a wide variety of brands and sizes, but decaffeinated drinks are hard to find. 

To place an order and view more information, visit the website here!

Grocery shopping service


  • Warehouse Supermarket, open all week, from 8 AM - 7PM, on Sat/Sun from 8 AM - 6 PM
  • Van den Tweel Supermarket, open all week from 8 AM - 8 PM
  • Various Chinese supermarkets like Zung Kongh, open from 8 AM - 9/10 PM
  • The Lisa Convenience store, open from 7.30 AM - 11.45 PM