Bonaire Kunuku

Lately we have been doing all kinds different activities here on Bonaire. We visited one of the many water wells on the island, not the most touristic one (near Goto lake), but at Flor di Cuba, where it waters the surrounding kunukus, a Papiamentu word for farms. With the word ‘farm’ don’t think green pastures with grazing cows, or flourishing crop fields. Rather red earth, covered with drought tolerant plants and trees, think lots of cacti, areas where mostly goats are kept. It has a very distinct character.

Next time when you are on Bonaire, go for a drive in the kunuku, it’s a special way to connect with Bonaire’s nature. You can rent quads, or just sit back in the comfort of a pick up truck or suv.

A different Bonaire then the beautiful azure waters!

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