Caribbean Colors and 365 Days of Summer

What do you think of when hearing the word ‘Caribbean’?
I’m thinking colors; white (coral) beaches, aqua waters, blue skies.
Bonaire’s coast line offers exactly that, and where it stands out most is the south coast, in my opinion at least. From Punt Vierkant going all the way south to Red Slave, for those of you who know our little island.
These are mesmerising color combinations. It is what draws me to Bonaire and keeps me here.
And, we have 365 days of summer. Think about it….
Summer all year long! The shorts, swimsuits and flipflops kind of summer.
So you pick whenever you want to visit us, summer awaits you here. And when you do, contact us for rental options, whether looking for a compact condo or freestanding villa; we have it all!
Welcome to Bonaire.

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