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Experience the unforgettable magic of Bonaire.

Did you know Bonaire lies outside the Hurricane Belt? And has steady weather year round, nice breezes coming from an Easterly direction and crystal clear waters? It has a marine park that works hard to keep this little rock unspoiled and clean. Bonaire measures 113.5 mi² and may not be that big, but offers loads of wonderful things to do for your vacation. No overcrowded beaches, casinos or big shopping malls. But tranquility, nature and a wonderful laid back feeling.  
Want to know more about this little gem in the Dutch Caribbean? Check the official Bonaire Tourism Website here

Experience the unforgettable magic of Bonaire. Located in the southern Caribbean, Bonaire is just three hours south of Miami, Florida. With pristine beaches, scuba diving, snorkeling and more to keep you entertained on the island, Bonaire offers each vacationer a piece of paradise. Paradise Rentals provides guests with diverse vacation rental options including oceanfront villas, regular villas and condos--each offering unique views, amenities and activities to ensure a special experience on the island.
Every condo unit and villa comes equipped with a full kitchen and other convenient features that will allow you to relax and make the most of your time during your vacation to Bonaire. All of our properties allow you to enjoy the ultimate Caribbean getaway when you book your Bonaire Vacation Rental here with Paradise Rentals.