Dining on Bonaire

We often get the question; where do we go for good food?the answer to that is not quick and simple; it depends on what you are looking for!and there is a great website that has an up to date list of restaurants, visit   Check it out!

Bonaire is a hot destination!

It’s hard to decide whether we are in post covid times or still in the middle of it, but one thing is for sure: people just WANT to travel. Our accommodations are pretty much booked solid from this month on, through March. And it does not end there; we have many bookings lined up for the spring, summer and fall …

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Bonaire Kunuku

Lately we have been doing all kinds different activities here on Bonaire. We visited one of the many water wells on the island, not the most touristic one (near Goto lake), but at Flor di Cuba, where it waters the surrounding kunukus, a Papiamentu word for farms. With the word 'farm' don't think green pastures with grazing cows, or flourishing ...

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Enjoying my island in times of Covid

Strange times we are in now. On Bonaire, we have very little Covid cases and are still able to move around comfortably. But for us and many others who have businesses in hospitality, times are very slow. It took me a while to come out of the ‘ready to work’ mode, and feeling obligated to make hours in my office ...

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Dia di Bonairu – Bonaire Flag Day

Bonaire Flag Day is a legal holiday on Bonaire, it is called "Dia di Boneiru" in Papiamentu, the local language. It is celebrated each year on September 6, which will be this Sunday! Normally there are celebrations in one of the appointed areas of the island, which will not take place this year due to COVID regulations. Traditionally the flag ...

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Caribbean Colors and 365 Days of Summer

What do you think of when hearing the word 'Caribbean'? I'm thinking colors; white (coral) beaches, aqua waters, blue skies. Bonaire's coast line offers exactly that, and where it stands out most is the south coast, in my opinion at least. From Punt Vierkant going all the way south to Red Slave, for those of you who know our little ...

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