General info about your vacation rental

You have made a reservation with us, wonderful!!
Maybe you are wondering about some things. We have some general information for you that we compiled based on frequently asked questions from our guests.

  • Your vacation rental includes bath and beach towels. Wash cloths are not typical, best bring your own
  • Toilet paper is provided for the first day(s).
  • Cleaning products are provided, as are hand soap, dishwashing liquid/tablets and trash bags. Laundry detergent is not provided due to the personal preferences of different guests.
  • Your vacation rental has a standard ground coffee filter machine. Ground coffee is available anywhere but if you prefer your own brew, best bring it!
  • WiFi is included. Internet speeds may not be what you are used to though… it is enough to browse, stream, email, chat etc. but if you rely on internet to do a lot of work and need the most uptime you can get, we strongly advise to buy mobile data at one of the local companies. Inquire with us how to find them.
  • Your vacation rental has AC in the bedrooms.  Living area may or may not have AC; this is described in the listing but if you are in doubt check with us!
  • Every vacation rental has standard US 110v outlets. No need to bring adapters. Coming from Europe? Bring an adapter. There is 220v, some in EU outlets, some in US outlets.
  • Drink water from the tap. Perfectly safe, no need to buy bottled water!
  • If you rented a home with a pool, the maintenance days are listed in the information guide of your vacation rental. However, sometimes these days change when there are holidays or maintenance issues to be handled. Due to the workload of the pool company we cannot always communicate these changes on time.  We kindly ask your understanding.
  • Garden maintenance will be done as much as possible when the home is vacant. But in busy times it is not always possible, we kindly ask your understanding.
  • One serious request from us; do not stay past your check out time unless you’ve verified this with us. If not, check out is 11 AM.