Klein Bonaire’s ‘opening hours’ have changed

In light of the latest development surrounding SCTLD, Stony Coral Tissue Loss Disease,  the designated advisory group concerned with the issue has decided to decrease the activity on Klein Bonaire for now.

The advisory group has made the decision to adjust the opening hours of Klein Bonaire. Beginning Monday, May 22nd, Klein Bonaire will only be open from 7 Am – 2 PM Monday through Saturday. On Sundays, it will remain open from 7 AM – 7PM, but as an add-on, it will now be allowed to dive and snorkel from 7 AM – 2 PM (source of this passage from Bonaire Insider | infobonaire.com)

Many sources indicate that the causes of the condition are unknown. But personally I have an idea…. I don’t think it’s flown in with tourists. I don’t think it’s climate change. I do think it’s pollution.

Bonaire has allowed cruise ships to dock with increased numbers, along with their waste. 3000-6000 passenger worth of waste. On a daily basis. On land, waste management is focused on containing it, then a ship comes with passengers which in numbers equal to a quarter of the total resident count on the island, and… well I don’t need to elaborate.

It is said they don’t dump waste.

Do you believe it?

Bonaire states it has decreased the frequency of cruise ships. We dearly hope so!


Zwaantje – Director Paradise Rentals Bonaire
Bonaire resident since 2001

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