Enjoying my island in times of Covid

Strange times we are in now. On Bonaire, we have very little Covid cases and are still able to move around comfortably. But for us and many others who have businesses in hospitality, times are very slow. It took me a while to come out of the ‘ready to work’ mode, and feeling obligated to make hours in my office whereas there is not as much to do as before. But I finally did and I have to say… it feels good.

Taking time off with my family and going to the numerous lovely places our island offers. Like having a cold beer with my ‘dushi’ (honey in papiamentu) on some random week day afternoon at the pier of Karel’s Beach bar. And be mesmerized with the colors we see.

I remember how I felt when taking this picture; we just had done some shopping in downtown Kralendijk and decided to go for this refreshing beer at a place where we never go normally.

I felt I was doing something I should be doing a lot more often, enjoying it and feeling at peace with it. That’s the part where I let go of feeling obligated to be at the office.
We are available every day as normal in case you want to plan your next trip down to Bonaire. In the meantime we enjoy our island.  A vacation destination for many, home to us. Just waiting for better times.

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